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About Us

Born to a family that has produced and cherished cashmere for almost thirty years, cashmere is not merely a material, but a philosophy and a way of life that is deeply rooted in my mind and soul.

Since I can remember, cashmere has been a dear friend; a faithful companion through all the ups and downs of life, and whenever Melbourne's infamously unpredictable weather took a cooler turn. Burying my nose in its softness on a chilly morning never fails to make me feel cozy, content and safe.

Growing up in Melbourne, I became fond of its kaleidoscope like culture and beauty, constantly inspired by its creative and colourful charm. As an eclectic, artistic cultural hub, this is a city where people fully express their own character through fashion. That said, if there was one 'Melbournism' I could tweak it would be its 'four season in a day' weather and the challenges it creates for your wardrobe. This very wish together with infinite inspiration have triggered my desire for designing and crafting these warm, soft and comforting allies in the hope that they may make your colder days a much more pleasant experience.

Merging family tradition and exploration of vibrant design and style, I am thrilled to introduce you to - CASHMERISM

CASHMERISM is an attitude. We will not compromise for anything less than fabulous.

CASHMERISM exists because we want you to enjoy the ultimate luxury, the best quality materials along with ever-evolving creativity and style without spending a fortune.

We care about every moment you experience with your cashmere.

CASHMERISM wants to be there as a pair of mittens holding an umbrella on a chilly rainy morning. Cashmerism wants to be there to wrap you tight during your long-haul flight. CASHMERISM will softly drape on your shoulder in style when hot days turn into cold nights. CASHMERISM wants to add a touch of joyful character to complete a monochrome outfit...

Loves quality
Loves colour
Loves creativity
Loves to please
Loves to comfort
Loves to give
Is made of Love


A Cashmerism Lifestyle

CASHMERISM is an attitute, is a way of life, we believe in not compromising for anything less than fabulous!
Just as we source only the finest of cashmere from the exquisite inner highlands of Mongolia, we also collaborate with the most talented local artist and artisians in Melbourne to bring you more scrumptious lifestyle elements at one stop.

Chrysa Koukoura

From the island of Rhodes in Greece, to London and then on to Melbourne, artist Chrysa Koukoura is strongly influenced by her environment. Koukoura works in fine-line pen creating hand-drawn black and white graphic art where meticulously detailed patterns feature heavily. She loves the simplicity and the restrictiveness of working in black and white, as it requires her to bring something extra out of an image that wouldn't usually be there had a colour been involved.


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